Hallmark Australasia, a fencing company based in Rockingham, WA, has built a reputation for excellence in fencing solutions, thanks to the expertise and dedication of its founder, Hayden Evans. With a strong background in civil and mechanical engineering, Hayden has combined his technical skills with a love for hands-on craftsmanship to create a leading company in the industry.

Hayden’s journey began in New Zealand, working for Hallmark Construction at the age of 16. His passion for excellence was inspired by his father, a fitter welder, draftsman, and panel beater, who always sought perfection. This dedication to quality left a lasting impression on Hayden and shaped his career path.

Hayden Evans Fencing Contractor in Rockingham Western Australia

After serving five years in the army infantry, Hayden ventured into civil engineering. He gained valuable experience as a technician in a mechanical laboratory for Downers, testing soils and aggregates for construction projects. This role laid the foundation for his future accomplishments in quality control and laboratory management.

During his time with J SWAP Contractors, Hayden implemented ISO 9000 certification and oversaw quality control across 11 quarries. His innovative spirit led him to establish one of New Zealand’s few privately-owned NATA-certified laboratories, making him the youngest to achieve this milestone. He developed new testing procedures, many of which are still in use today.

In Australia, Hayden managed several high-profile projects, including the construction of haul roads for the Mesa A mine and the $72 million Pacific Indian Ocean Highway. He also played a key role in developing the Bayton West subdivision in Karratha with Downer.

Despite his achievements in large-scale projects, Hayden felt a pull to return to hands-on work. This decision led to the creation of Hallmark Australasia, a fencing contractor and outdoor living designer known for its high-quality services and innovative designs.

Colorbond Fence installed by perfectionist fencing contractor in Rockingham, Hallmark Australasia.

Hallmark Australasia offers a wide range of fencing solutions in Rockingham, including aluminium tubular fencing, slat fencing, infill fencing, picket fencing, guardian security fencing, glass pool fencing, steel fencing, and colorbond fencing. The company also provides outdoor living designs, such as decking, patios, pergolas, and verandahs.

Outdoor Living construction - bench and divider bespoke by Hallmark Australasia

Looking ahead, Hayden envisions expanding the Hallmark brand to include both fencing and building services, ensuring that Hallmark Australasia remains a trusted name in the industry. With a commitment to excellence and a rich history of engineering expertise, Hallmark Australasia is set to continue its legacy as Rockingham’s go-to fencing contractor.

For those seeking reliable, innovative, and high-quality fencing solutions, Hallmark Australasia embodies the perfect blend of engineering precision and hands-on craftsmanship, making it the top choice for residents in Rockingham.

Contact Hayden for your Rockingham fencing needs, covering Kwinana, Safety Bay, Rockingham, Shoalwater, Atwell, Port Kennedy & Rockingham. Call him on 0488418883 or visit his website: https://www.hallmarkaustralasia.com.au/


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