Learning resources

Learning resources

Teacher-guided highlights tour

Guide your students through the museum’s galleries to discover amazing stories that have shaped our nation. This activity can be used with both primary and secondary students. It is available from the audio tour desk within the NSM on the day, or you can download it here before your visit.

Conversation starters

Designed to promote engagement, exploration and conversations with your students. No pre-planning or prior knowledge of the museum is required. This activity can be used with both primary and secondary students and adjusted accordingly. It is available from the audio tour desk within the NSM on the day or you can download it here before you visit.

Learning resources

The NSM’s education resources are currently under review. Please contact our Visitor Experience Coordinator at vec@mcc.org.au for more information, or to offer feedback on any of these resources.

While this review takes place, the following self-guided teaching resources will continue to be available for teachers to use at the NSM. Please be aware that some resources may not link to the current Australian Curriculum, may contain outdated information, or are no longer supported by onsite resources.

The resources include pre-visit, during, and post-visit activities, and a minimum of one hour in the NSM is recommended for groups using these programs.


Suitable for primary and secondary students, there are a wide range of activities.

Demonstrating that sport and the NSM offer maths teachers many options, activities include: Interpreting data sets, calculating means and medians, estimating angles or solving problems using rates and ratios, describing probabilities using fractions, decimals and percentages, and more.

Before a trip to the National Sports Museum: How is maths used in sport? (PDF)

As part of your visit to the National Sports Museum: Maths at the NSM – Primary (PDF), Maths at the NSM – Secondary (PDF)

After your visit to the National Sports Museum: Pick your sports (PDF). This resource is currently under review. Please contact our Visitor Experience Coordinator at vec@mcc.org.au for more information.

Guide for teachers: Teaching ideas for mathematics and sport (PDF)


Focusing on years 5-6 and 9-10, the history program covers eight subjects which are explored through the hidden stories of the collections. The resource includes a digital quest available on tablets for students to use in the museum. Subjects covered are:

The 1868 Indigenous cricket team, Blind cricket, the history of school-based Australian football, Women cricketers, Sport and Immigration, Radio and Television Commentary, Australian Sport during WWI, and an Olympic-themed resource on the Ancient and Modern Olympics.

History 5-6 Teachers Resource (PDF)
History 5-6 Worksheets (PDF)
History 9-10 Teachers Resource (PDF)
History 9-10 Worksheets (PDF)

Health and PE

Discovering sporting legends, sporting values and the role sport plays in Australia as a nation; as well as the importance of good nutrition and technological advances in sport, these programs are aimed at years 5-6 and 9-10.

Health and PE Australia’s Sporting Culture Unit Plan Year 9 and 10 (PDF)
Health and PE Lesson sequence for Year 9 and 10 (PDF)
Health and PE What is football unit plan Year 5 and 6 (PDF)

Further lesson ideas created by teachers: Health and PE Year 9 stimulus material (Excel), Health and PE Year 10 stimulus material (Excel), Health and PE Years 5 and 6 stimulus material (Excel)

Design and technology

The museum offers a great opportunity for students of design. Focused on what designers need to think about, the programs guide students through various aspects of design such as knowing fibre and fabrics and what is most suitable for different sports.

There are two Olympic-themed resources – Shining Light and Resilient Flame – that include the activity of designing a specific symbolic item of the Games, the Olympic torch.

Programs are targeted at years 5-6 through to 10.

Design and Technology 3-6 Teachers Resource (PDF)
Design and Technology 3-4 Worksheet (PDF)
Design and Technology 5-6 Worksheet (PDF)
Design and Technology 7-10 Teachers Resource (PDF)
Designand Technology 7-9 Worksheet (PDF)
Design and Technology 8-10 Worksheet (PDF)


The Geography resources are aimed at Levels 3-6 and 7-9 and focus on Space, Place, Interconnection, Change, Environment, Scale and Sustainability. By applying these concepts, students learn to think geographically.

In addition, students will have the opportunity to investigate Key Geographical Knowledge and Understanding and Key Inquiry and Skills.

Geography 7-9 Teachers Resource (PDF)
Geography 7-9 Worksheets (PDF)
Geography P-6 Teachers Resource (PDF)
Geography P-6 Worksheets (PDF)

Olympic-themed resources

These resources are aimed at Level 4 – Year 5/6 and encourage students to address what it means to be an Olympian or great sportsperson and the role that they hold.

They can also investigate what the benefits of the Olympics are and the role of technology in the Games.

Is technology good for the Olympic Games? (PDF)
The benefits of the Olympic Games (PDF)
What does it mean to be an Olympian? (PDF)
What makes a great sportsperson? (PDF)

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